Feb 12, 2014

More winter please

I have really been enjoying this winter.  I just don't mind the cold and really enjoy getting all the snow we've been getting.  It makes the woods a lot prettier and sure keeps me busy maintaining the wood stove.  I heat the entire house with the wood stove in the basement and, so far, have burned through five cords of wood. Yes, I am enjoying the winter weather.  Aside from the hunting, I also tend to tinker with my rifles, and read a lot more during the winter months.  Another part of the winter months that I enjoy is keeping the birds fed.  I've bought three or four 35lb sacks of  bird feed this winter, and enjoy watching the birds eat it.  Especially the Juncos which migrate down from Canada for the winter months.  Hell, I eat better too.  Debbie has made some really fantastic meals this season.  Her lasagna, chicken pot pies and corned beef are amazing.  I drink a the more heavily hopped and darker beers in the wintertime as well; your IPAs, porters and stouts.

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