Dec 29, 2011


Another Amtrak ride down to DC. I'm getting quite used to this trip now. I always wish I could stop and explore some of the places I speed past; the old factories just outside of Jersey for example. Instead I sit listening to Peter Bjorne & John's Writer's Block album. I plan on mountain biking in Germantown, MD tomorrow morning. I haven't ridden at Schaefer Farm in at least six years and it is one of my favorite spots to ride so I'm dying to get the single speed out there ASAP!

Edit: I never actually got to ride at Schaefer Farm! Bummer!

Dec 28, 2011

This morning in pictures

Washington Heights this morning at 7:30am.

A few xmas photos

I actually spent a decent amount of time playing around with my Lionel O-gauge trains this year. I don't always get the train out though this year, setting it up and really examining each box car was really enjoyable.

Dec 23, 2011

Goal #1

Looks like I have one bike related goal in my sights for March of 2012. The Red Hook Crit goes down on March 24th (incase you couldn't decipher that information from the adjacent image). More info here in the near future.

Happy Holidays

It's nearly Xmas eve and I've been one busy guy this month. Work has taken me to Milwaukee (awesome town!), Charlotte (also awesome) and continues to send me to other interesting spots in the new year like Allentown, PA (not so awesome). But, still, I enjoy the experience of traveling and all of the interactions, foods and situations that come along with that. Milwaukee was a blast; I spent some time in the 3rd Ward which was full of hip & happening joints and gorged myself at a sea food market where I chowed down on a tasty lobster for only $14. You can't beat that price. I reassured myself that I simply couldn't afford NOT to eat my steamy little friend. The best part of it was that the lobster had a great fresh flavor. Now, I've been known to breakdown and shlep my water bug-craving ass into Red Lobster from time to time - and let me clarify this is only when I had hit rock bottom in my lobster addiction. I'm not proud of it, but I'm not exactly ashamed either. Red Lobster is like shwag lobster I pick up when I'm really fiending. Most of the time, if you want the good stuff, you gotta pay top dollar. So, to eat an awesome lobster for $14 was so right-on. The half-dozen Blue Point oysters I slurped down weren't bad either.

Look for a lot more noise coming out of this blog in 2012. This year has been a rough one on me; my lack of blogging these past couple of months speak to that. Here's to a happy holiday for everyone and a fruitful new year!

Dec 12, 2011


Long time no post. I'm here though, as is the Xmas holiday. Though I haven't posted since November 11th, I can assure you my tree is up and the Lionel train has chugged around it more than a few times - Two traditional measures taken in hopes of generating at least a scoach of holiday cheer. This in spite of a years worth of crumby life continually derailing my usual festive noel-nature this time of year. I could use some tidings of comfort and joy (COMFORT AND JOY) or what have you. Still; I've been active. I've squeezed in a few mountain bike rides up at Sprain Ridge Park, a two night backpacking trip at Harriman State Park, a hike up Slide Mountain in the Catskills with an overnight at the Colonial Inn and a trip down to Baltimore to visit a friend this past weekend. On the other side of that coin (the inactive/sloth side) I've been tearing through episodes of AMC's Breaking Bad. A buddy turned me on to the show and I've since watched all three available seasons on Netflix and have only 2 episodes left of the latest seaon; four. If you've never seen the show, allow me to point you in the right direction. Warning; you will be hooked after one episode.