Dec 12, 2011


Long time no post. I'm here though, as is the Xmas holiday. Though I haven't posted since November 11th, I can assure you my tree is up and the Lionel train has chugged around it more than a few times - Two traditional measures taken in hopes of generating at least a scoach of holiday cheer. This in spite of a years worth of crumby life continually derailing my usual festive noel-nature this time of year. I could use some tidings of comfort and joy (COMFORT AND JOY) or what have you. Still; I've been active. I've squeezed in a few mountain bike rides up at Sprain Ridge Park, a two night backpacking trip at Harriman State Park, a hike up Slide Mountain in the Catskills with an overnight at the Colonial Inn and a trip down to Baltimore to visit a friend this past weekend. On the other side of that coin (the inactive/sloth side) I've been tearing through episodes of AMC's Breaking Bad. A buddy turned me on to the show and I've since watched all three available seasons on Netflix and have only 2 episodes left of the latest seaon; four. If you've never seen the show, allow me to point you in the right direction. Warning; you will be hooked after one episode.


GTS said...

Hey Dude,
Hope you find some cheer!
Wishing you the best!

GTS said...

BTW, Check out my oldest singing at Sip This (a coffee house in Valley Stream):

Unknown said...

Best Wishes amigo.
From el Guapo