Sep 27, 2014

My old hood

Back in Washington Heights again after being away for a few years. Jeez I miss this lifestyle. Still; I wouldn't trade it for my current situation in Westminster. Life is good. Living in NYC sure was fun and I've enjoyed many coffees at this overlook like I am right now (mobile blogging is too easy these days!) I'm in the big apple this weekend visiting friends. Tonight's probably going to get a little rowdy!

Sep 13, 2014

Back in the saddle

It's been great to be back on the bike lately.  I've ridden at my local stomping ground, Hasahawha, twice this past week.  Once on the fat bike, and once on the ol' Cannondale.  I forgot just how awesome the C-dale is.  Although, it sure felt twitchy compared the the fat bike.  The picture below was taken with my GoPro camera.