Mar 31, 2008

4 from yesterday

Yesterday Seinberg and I stopped back and took another walk around the Henryton Center. Going back to places is always great because you can go straight to the good stuff and more deeply explore other places you wish you'd spent more time in. Here are four images that I'm fairly happy with.
- Mike

Mar 25, 2008

It's business time....

My new biz card.

- Mike


This is the first image I've uploaded to the web from my new point & shoot; the Canon G9. So far I'm happy with the camera. It's great to have full manual control of f/stops and shutter speed, 12.1 megapixels and the ability to shoot raw files. I plan on really putting this camera through it's paces in Mexico in May.

Mar 15, 2008


Work's been insanely busy, but I'm managing to stay on top of things. In the photo, I'm standing on a periscope mast of a US Navy Submarine. This is the test cell at work.
- Mike

Mar 2, 2008

Cans... Conduit... Lines...

I spent a couple hours with a buddy today revisiting a site that I've already over-photographed. The Maryland Glass Factory. (do your homework flickr kids) Today I found myself shutting my camera off for extended periods to soak in the space. There was definitely experiencing an intimacy with this place. It was great. I wish I could explain it better here. Here are a few images:

- Mike