Apr 28, 2007

Another Site done.

I just finished designing and publishing The Ruth Chenven Foundation website this morning. Voila! I feel good about it and am proud to be on the Board of Chairs for the Foundation. If you know a starving artist, shoot them the link to the RCF!
- Mike

Apr 27, 2007

Apr 24, 2007

Photoshop Final Project.

These are a couple of images that I've photoshopped as part of my final project for the Digital Darkroom class I've been taking at MICA these last couple of months. When I have the whole series done, I'll post em' up.
- Mike


Just checkin' in. Seems like I've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest these last few days with the wedding, school and goings-ons. Sometime in the near future I'll load this blog up with a bunch of pictures from the past week or so. For now here's what I've been up to:
  • Riding my ass off. 32miles saturday & 42 on Sunday.
  • SPCA Dog Walk with our pack the "Rocker City Spaniels" on Sunday morning.
  • Got a killer suit for the wedding last Friday night. Damn I look good in it.
  • My fiance had her Bridal Shower last week, which she says was a lot of fun and we got tons of goodies for our rockin' pad.
  • I got my passport
  • My fiance's passport got f'd up somehow... how does the Passport Department misspell her last name?? Aren't there like a million checks for spelling there?
Life is busy sometimes,

Apr 18, 2007

Fork it over.

In anticipation of a kickass ride into work this morning, I stayed up an extra 10 minutes last night to switch the fork out of my K2. I pulled the K2 fork out and replaced it with my dead Giant's carbon fork which has some great lines, no rake and a great paint job. I'm eager to get out of work and blast over to Fells Point to meet my lovely girlfriend for dinner.
Ghetto blasting in T-minus 6 minutes, (current time: 3:54pm)

Apr 17, 2007

pentax k1000

Going to start up the chemical photography again... I miss using the Pentax.
Randomly yours,

Apr 9, 2007

more shopping

More photoshopping. I have a long way to go with this but here's what I've been working on lately. Thinking about doing a whole series of digital/analogue morphed cameras... stay tuned.

- Mike

Apr 2, 2007

Shooting at the Rite Aid.

As I was killing Nazis, someone was shooting up the Rite Aid across the street. Finally hearing my girlfriend yelling to me, I flipped off my headphones, saved my game of Call of Duty II, and ran out the door with the Nikon. Pretty crazy stuff. Gotta love Baltimore.

- Mike