Dec 29, 2006


I saw these drinks in Eddies a few weeks ago. Help yourself to a tall glass of Clamato! ... or Beefamato! Can you say "nasty"???

- Mike

Dec 28, 2006


So, at work today I used my ancient 2 megapixle camera and photographed a piece inspection. This is what I do most of the day, the rest of the day is paperwork. But, I do enjoy playing with precision measuring devices. Nice tools are so sweet.

- Mike

Above: Using the digital height gage.

Above: Checking the radius with a radius gage & gage holder.

Above: I do like our digital calipers.

Above: These are nice... pin gages for checking hole diameters. Your basic round peg round hole test.

Above: Using the ever so lovely digital micrometer to check material thickness.

Above: It's hip to be square. If you're not you get rejected...

Dec 27, 2006

Christmas was great.

In a nut shell; Christmas was great! My girlfriend, Doris & I opened presents around 8am on Christmas morning and then headed down to Takoma Park to spend Christmas with her folks. Her folks are awesome... her whole family is. We had a great time joking, laughing and enjoying our selves. A nice Christmas dinner of filet mignon and a movie topped it off. Now I'm looking forward to our rockin' holiday party on the 30th! You gonna' be there? - Mike

Dec 26, 2006

Christmas Eve...

After our traditional Christmas Eve meal of Belgian waffles with strawberries and thick slices of bacon my girlfriend and her sister Becky, myself, and Doris all sat around the table rubbing our bellies. I gave Doris a walnut to see what she'd do... She wouldn't eat it but she wouldn't put it down either... she basically walked around with it in her mouth for about 20 minutes until we took it away... too funny. I love that dog.

- Mike

Dec 23, 2006

Don't do this....

If ever you should have a half gallon of delicious Egg Nog go bad(God forbid!) ... Don't just set it next to the sink and forget to throw it away....

When I came home from work last week, this is what was waiting for me. Not very pretty!

Merry Christmas kids,

Dec 20, 2006

3rd annual Hampden Light Ride.

So last night was that 3rd year in a row that a few friends and I have done a Tour de Hampden to see all the decorated houses. We felt the house in the photo above won for Best All Around Baltimore Christmas House. Note the pink flamingos and flamingo slay. Perfect! (Left to right: Mark, myself, my girlfriend & Sheila)
Sheila showed up at our house with the best use of christmas lights I've ever seen. Check that bike out!

After rolling around Hampden for about a 1/2 hour, we huddled around a little table in Holy Frijoles and enjoyed some quality food & beverage. I'd have to say that this year's ride was the best so far. Good people, good times!

Merry Christmas,

Dec 19, 2006


Oh yeah... Don't forget to "get in on it" here in Baltimore.

I wish Baltimore were Choreographed like this for real.

- Mike

Dec 11, 2006

More Urban Exploring...

And so yesterday I spent 3 hours in what used to be a bar. It's location will remain a secret but I will tell you this: It's in Mt.Vernon.

It was another wonderland of:
  • peeling paint
  • rotting floors
  • caved in ceilings
  • dangling pipes & wiring
  • dust covered glasses
  • crumbling brick
  • broken windows
  • rusted exhaust fans
I was in and out like a ninja and have a new gallery to show for it.

Gallery 7 - The Bar.

- Mike

Dec 8, 2006

George gets lit.

That's right. George got lit alright. George who's pearched way up top of the Washington Monument in Mt.Vernon. This was the second year that my girlfriend and I froze our butts off watching poorly mic'd performances. At times it was like watching mimes sing. But, there was holiday cheer in the crowd. This year we got so cold that we went inside of the Walters Art Museum and watched from the second floor. It was great! After the fireworks, we enjoyed some christmas choir music, hot cider and cookies in the Walters. -Mike

Dec 6, 2006

Animated gifs are easy to make.

This is what you get when you use 118 snapshots to make an animated gif. I never knew how easy it was to make an animated gif file. Interesting... it pretty much sums up one ride into work for me.

- Mike


I'm so eager to get back to NYC this winter and take some more photos. This one is from last winter when we spent a fun weekend in NYC.
- Mike

Dec 3, 2006

3 from 2day.

This last one was an attempt at a Charles Sheeler style photograph.

- Mike

Boozer Alleycat

Last night I raced the Bmore Boozer Alleycat and had a great time. My legs are killing me this morning. I put in as hard, if not harder, effort as I do when I'm racing cross. There are some fast ass messengers in this little town, I'll tell you that.

I didn't take many photos but here are a few from the after party on St.Paul St.

- Mike

Mt.Vernon Sunrise.

I love the amount of sun we get in the morning through our kitchen windows. I'm usually at work by the time it's this intense.