Jan 31, 2007

Random image for today.

Taken tonight after work while scouting a new project.
- Mike

Urban Tree Removal.

Last night we finally said good bye to the ol' christmas tree. As you can see in this video, there are several advantages to living in the city, especially when you have an alley just outside your window. Tree removal has never been so easy!

Click to watch the video

- Mike

Jan 30, 2007


I always go past this place when I go out for lunch, at work, and I always wished I had my camera with me. Today I packed the Nikon. Voila.
- Mike

Jan 29, 2007

Rediculously cold.

And yet I feel the need to dilly-dally on the ride home from work...

Sometimes I choose to bypass the hood' on Wilkens Avenue and take the Gwyns Falls Trail for a mile or so. When I do this, I always have to stop, ditch the bike (locked of course) and venture down the bank of what I think is THE most littered waterway this side o' Camden Yards. It's always great for odd findings: wheel chairs, street signs, crack viles (oh wait, I said odd findings - scratch the crack viles!), hair brushes, flip-flops etc.

Tonight's odd find was this little basketball player guy. (above) Number 11 for... ... the yellow team, he appears to be a power forward who's face is locked in a look of tenacious court dominance. He was happy to pose here and there; not a bit camera shy. And since I'm not comfortable taking photos of REAL people, we got along splendidly.

Again, #11 putting on a powerful display of riverside penetration. Evading swatting cigarette butts, broken glass and pebbles as he drives the lane.

- Mike.

Holy frozen eye balls!

No, seriously. It was 11° when I left phattire headquarters this morning. But, the only things truely cold this morning, on the ride in, were my eye balls. I think I'm going to start wearing some eye protection just to keep the ice off of my pupils. Bloody hell!

- Mike

Jan 21, 2007


Finally, Baltimore got some snow. Albeit, only an inch but still... we got snow.
- Mike

Jan 16, 2007

Feedback Needed!

That's right kids. Phattire.net wants YOU. ... to give me some feedback about how the Cyclocross video page looks and works. I decided to embed each video in the page so that you can simply click the play button however, this means that the videos will stream to you. Let me know how it works for you eh?
Link to Cyclocross Video Gallery: HERE!
My email for you nonbloggers: mike@phattire.net

- Mike

Jan 14, 2007

Some NYC for you

These are a few of the images I took on Saturday walking around Chelsea on the lower west side of Manhattan. Nothing amazing but I had a nice walk on a drizzly day. I'm looking forward to heading back to NYC this spring.
- Mike

Jan 12, 2007

Off to NYC for the weekend.

The girlfriend and I are headed up to the Bronx tonight. We'll stay with friends for the weekend. I'll be taking my bike, Polaroid and Nikon. Saturday I'll be rolling down 230 blocks or so to Manhattan and shooting up the place. Probably swing in Track Star to see what's up as well. Should have a nice Polaroid Gallery up on Phattire.net by Monday or Tuesday. Mean time - you guys hold down the fort; don't burn the place down!
- Mike

Jan 8, 2007

New Young Pony Club

This is my new favorite song. "Ice Cream" by New Young Pony Club. I love synthed out disco beats.

- Mike

Jan 7, 2007

Gallery 8 - Abandoned Sweat Shop.

Today was a great day for exploring. I found another gold mine right here in Baltimore. It just gets better and better. Check out Gallery 8

- Mike

Jan 1, 2007

First rainy morning of 2007.

This morning we had a nice brunch with my girlfriend's family to kick off the new year. Before they arrived, I took the trash out. That's when I noticed the rain drops clinging to all the branches near the dumpsters. I had to run inside and grab the Nikon. Nature photography's not really my thing but I do like rain drops. I'll post a couple images here on the blog, but you can see them all if you go here.

- Mike