Apr 30, 2006

Bye bye 1207 N. Calvert St.

Well, today I left my place on Calvert St for the last time. It was a great little place for me. This was the first place I've ever left and really not wanted to let it go. I only lived there for a year and a half but I changed a lot as a person while I was there. I started dating my girlfriend, now my fiance, while I lived there. I started road racing when I moved in there. I raced Cat B all last Cyclocross season, my first ever, while I lived there. I had an incredibly happy Christmas season there. I really progressed as a photographer there. I'll miss it, but the pasteur is much greener. My girlfriend and I are looking for a nice house this week, in which to move into and start our life together in. Life is good. Life is very good.
My girlfriend & her father, Peter, on our way to Jimmy's for "breakfast meat"

My girlfriend and I are really thankful that her father and our friend Sheila were, both, able to help us with the heavy stuff today. We managed to get all the big stuff out in just one truck load thanks to their hard work and Sheila's excellent strap n' pack skills. I'm not kidding; by the time she was done playing Tetris with my furniture she had it all sinched down well enough to make a trans-continental move. Thanks!
Jimmy's. Discussing soccer & European travel

We had brunch at Jimmy's this morning; which rocked. I had a western egg omlet and french toast. Much needed; I was starving. I highly recommend Jimmy's to anyone who ever finds themself in Fells Point hungry.
Life is good,
- Mike

Apr 28, 2006

Indie Utz Girl

As I ate my second bag of BBQ Pork Rinds I had an epiphany: The Utz Girl must go to art School. She looks just like a MICA student. Look at that indie pop hair do & retro get up...

This has been your Phattire Blog entry for today.

- Mike

Apr 27, 2006

Sunny and 48°

Really sunny out this morning. So sunny that I had to stop and take this picture. ... I have one more day to ride before my surgery. Bollocks to my hernia!


Apr 25, 2006

New Video on the site

There's a new video in the video section of Phattire now. I call it the "Easin' In" video. I think it's funky; like Edwin Starr. Check it out!

This was all made possible by a decent point & shoot digital camera (Olympus Stylus 500) and Windows Movie Maker.


Apr 20, 2006

It's friggin' NICE out!

Yeah, It's friggin' nice out! And I'm loving my commute to and from work these days. I've been mega busy lately, but life has been and is now good. Planning on moving across town in two weeks(which will be nice not to have to live with a bike in the bathroom all the time), I'm starting work on a website for a local bike shop and I have to get my hernia operated on next week. Pretty busy. No time to start training for cyclocross season right now :[

I have been playing with my video stuff lately... here's the latest traffic blaster.


Apr 4, 2006


That's right! After a nice loop around the BWI Trail last Sunday, we enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. Shortly thereafter I proposed to my girlfriend who happily accepted!

I don't think there are any words to express just how happy I am!

- Mike :]

Apr 2, 2006

Check out my new threads...

Doris is cuddled up next to my new threads... not the hat... that's my crusty trusty Chrome hat. But, the threads on it are new. I got some embroidery done on it eh: "Phattire.net" on the front and "Velo Photography" on the back. Pretty sweet.
It's 9:00am, my girlfriend and I just finished a stack o' pancakes and now we're going to hop the Light Rail with our bikes, take it to BWI Airport and ride around the 11mile perimeter trail. It's beautious outside today.

You should be riding.