Mar 30, 2010

Mar 28, 2010

iPhone photo of the day

Quick iPhone snap shot taken while washing clothes at the laundromat in Inwood this morning.

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Mar 27, 2010

Back to the Oyster Bar

I'm having a lot of fun with this series. I consider this image, that I took today, to be true fine art. Although I do wish my lens were a bit cleaner when I took the photo. Since I dumped the image from my camera I've been going back and forth on weather or not the lens flare bothers me or not.

Dave and I sat around eating oysters, laughing at Chuck Norris jokes and watching the customers and staff. The bartender, John, was quite a character and tipped me off as to when the Oyster Bar receives deliveries. I'd love to add that aspect to my series; hopefully I can ambush the delivery guys this week.

Mar 26, 2010

Photoshop App for Iphone

I feel the need to give praise to the Photoshop Iphone app. With several fun effects, borders and image processing tools, you can turn your 3 megapixle Iphone images into something a bit more impressive. (Granted, they're still low resolution, high ISO snaps) Using this app in conjunction with the Blogpress app provides a lot more versatility for mobile bloggers. Below are a couple of interesting snaps that I processed on my phone and FTP'd to my site's server for posting.
Above: A homeless man on the corner of 103rd & Broadway combs his hair in a piece of broken mirror.
Above: A quick snap shot of my favorite subway car (R38).

Mar 25, 2010

iPhone blogging

iPhone picture from this evening while out looking for a new home.
I've been looking for a blogging application for my iPhone for quite a while. There have been many times when I've wanted to throw a quick thought or snap shot from my phone online but didn't have the patience to go through the blogspot website. My search is over; I found Blogpress. So this is my first iPhone post using the new app.

My wife and I are moving out of Inwood in hopes of finding a semi-affordable place on the upper west side. We've seen about eight places in the past few days and so far nothing fits our budget. Despite our less than fruitful results our spirits are up. Here's an iPhone picture from this evening while out looking for a new home.

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Mar 24, 2010

Boldly bouldering

My wife took this snapshot of me last year while we walked through Fort Tryon and The Cloisters. I couldn't resist climbing this easy face. Looking back, I realize how dangerous the climb was, with my shaking limbs and bald sneakers. I'm anxious to get back to this rock with some new skills, a chalk bag and climbing shoes. In only a couple of visits to Rat Rock and Brooklyn Boulders I've already developed some skills for pebble wrestling. It's going to be a fun summer.

I've been picking up some gear in preparation for some sport climbing this summer (If I'm ready by then). So far I've got a good harness, shoes, chalk bag, a few locking biners, an ATC belay device and a set of six bent gate quick draws.

Mar 22, 2010

What a weekend

(above: iPhone picture from breakfast. Note the ultimate mountain bike in the background)

Warm & sunny weather had me out and about this weekend. I took full advantage. Here's a breakdown of the good times had:
  • Friday night: 3 hours of Indoor climbing at Brooklyn Boulders
  • Saturday: Rode the mountain bike down to Central Park and bouldered at Rat Rock for an hour. Stopped for breakfast at Le Monde on 112th & Broadway. Popped into Indian Road Cafe for lunch with the wife and mother in-law.
  • Saturday evening: Dinner at Grandfather in-law's place in NJ. Harold turned 90 and is looking great. (I have to think that his girlfriend Joan has a lot to do with this!)Got to play in the dirt, resetting the brickwork which lines their driveway.
  • Sunday morning: Harold's 90th Birthday Party. Joan organized a hell of an event for Harold to include good friends, family, great food and everyone had a wonderful time. Lots of singing. Lots of love.
  • Sunday afternoon: Took the road bike out and rode down to Central Park again. Met up with Dave and caught up on things. Ate entirely TOO MUCH pizza at Piola in Union Square.

Mar 15, 2010

More Oyster Bar

I returned to the Oyster Bar last night with the intent of capturing its exterior and the type of people who enjoy this iconic spot. Unfortunately, when I arrived in the evening, the Oyster Bar was closed. The dim interior, lit by the faint glow of a few display cases still drew a crowd. And as unhappy, and unfed, New Yorkers turned away I stole pieces of time while perched in the adjacent stairways. This place is shaping into a nice project...