Mar 26, 2010

Photoshop App for Iphone

I feel the need to give praise to the Photoshop Iphone app. With several fun effects, borders and image processing tools, you can turn your 3 megapixle Iphone images into something a bit more impressive. (Granted, they're still low resolution, high ISO snaps) Using this app in conjunction with the Blogpress app provides a lot more versatility for mobile bloggers. Below are a couple of interesting snaps that I processed on my phone and FTP'd to my site's server for posting.
Above: A homeless man on the corner of 103rd & Broadway combs his hair in a piece of broken mirror.
Above: A quick snap shot of my favorite subway car (R38).


NYC taxi photo said...

good info on both these posts, hey good luck to you and yours. makes me think even harder about getting the iphone.

do you know how good the video for night stuff is? I'm worried it may be so subpar it won't even be worth using on say my dashboard capturing quickly moving stuff.

Michael O'Hara said...

Hey man the video is surprisingly great. At night it's a little noisy but it's better than my old point & shoot for night time video. I've uploaded a snippet of night video for you. (a car home from a company xmas party)

It's located here: (45MB)

I'm headed out for the evening and leaving this to upload in the mean time. Ought to be uploaded for you by 7:00pm tonight though.