Jun 24, 2008

3 from last week

At long last we got a cable modem and a solid connection to the net. It's nice to steel wireless signals from your neighbors but I really had a hankering for some serious uploading speed. So, now that that's taken care of, here are some images I've been meaning to post for about a week.
And now I'll go finish unpacking more of our stuff from the big move.
- Mike

Jun 15, 2008

In Inwood.

My wife and I now officially live in Inwood. Today we drove a 17' U-haul truck from Charm City to Manhattan. (We're now island dwellers) We're both exhausted. We moved all of our stuff into a two bedroom apartment on the5th floor of a great big ol' building... each floor took 18 agonizing steps to conquer.... times four... that's 72 steps just to get to our apartment..... add another 72 for the way back down to get more stuff! Multiply this all by about 30 times and you get: sore back, sore legs, totally devoid of energy. It's time to go to bed now.

Photos soon, I promise.


Jun 8, 2008

Framing a Century: Master Photographers, 1840–1940

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to the Met to check out a few of exhibitions. First was the Egyptian Collection (we walked around and through the Temple of Dendur) and then two spectacular Photo Exhibitions. Lastly, we went and saw Jeff Koons On The Roof.
The two photo exhibitions we saw Framing a Century: Master Photographers, 1840–1940 and Photography on Photography: Reflections on the Medium since 1960 Of these two exhibits, I preferred the Masters Exhibit more. Among the many great masters featured, I was particularly blown away by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Brassai, Man Ray & Walker Evans. I left the exhibit feeling inspired and enlightened by the framing of Brassai's work and the critical moments captured by Bresson.
I can't wait to check out the rest of the museum as well as the other museums in my new city!
- Mike

Jun 6, 2008

Moving to Manhattan!

Well, the last three days have been busy. We've looked at about 15 apartments in the Bronx and the northernmost tip of Manhattan (Inwood). Tomorrow we'll sign the lease and get the key to our new two bedroom apartment in Inwood. What a cool spot to live. Very convenient for my commute to work in Yonkers and for my wife's commute to school at NYU.
I'm so excited about this new step in our lives. A new job for me, a new city to live in, numerous opportunities for growth in numerous areas of interest. Mass exposure to multitudes of diversity. I can only expect my wife and I to be churning out all sorts of new art work. Stay tuned folks, this blog and my site are going to explode with content!
- Mike

Jun 3, 2008

Jun 2, 2008

MEXICO was awesome!

My wife and I got back from Mexico yesterday evening. Man that was so great! We spent a week in Quintana Roo at Playa Del Carmen at an excellent resort on the beach. We enjoyed tons of sun, plenty of fu-fu cocktails & fantastic food, snorkling, exploring Mayan ruins, photographing, kayaking, and otherwise relaxing. We took a few photos and there will be a gallery uploaded soon.

Now, it's back to reality.
- Mike