Jul 30, 2007

One from this morning.

This morning's ride to work, through the hood, was pretty uneventful. It threatened to storm on me the whole way in but never did. I plan on doing some snooping around South Baltimore tonight on the ride home.


Jul 29, 2007

1 photo for today.

Inspired by this local photographer, who I met at Artscape, I took this cliche photo of my M1. Mr.Jones has a great website.

Jul 21, 2007

Schaeffer Farms my true love.

This morning I cruised over to Germantown and hit Schaeffer Farms on my cross bike. This trip was long overdue. I have to say that Schaeffer's got to be my favorite place to ride cross country. It seems like the trails are always dusty dry, super hard packed and jam-packed with flow. For 4 hours today I was Mr.Speedracer on the zippy-fast singletrack.

I haven't ridden here since 2003, but, it was just as rocking as I remembered it. I was impressed with the maps at each trail head and the way the trails were marked. I knew where I wanted to go but it was nice to have the maps to make sure I was on the right track. I ended up hitting every loop once and then went back and hit the yellow loop for good measure. I ended up with 16 miles of sweet sweet singletrack under my legs.

Jul 9, 2007

More Wide Angle fun.

Just messing around with the camera last night during some ghetto blasting with a friend.

Jul 6, 2007

Friggin' Friday at last.

Took my cheapy wide angle adapter to work with me this morning. Image quality goes to hell but it's fun to play with. Can't wait to get out today. Going to scout a new warehouse on the way home and then consume mass quantities of cheese with a couple of friends of ours this evening.

- Mike

Jul 3, 2007


6 countem' 6 photos from tonight's journey into an empty warehouse just above North Avenue with special guest M.Hoffman as "ninja warrior".

Jul 1, 2007

Surprize Camping Trip!

Well, we just got back from camping. Man it was awesome! At 4pm on Friday I came strolling out the door of work to find my girlfriend there waiting for me. She had a rather peculiar look on her face…. Once I got in the car I saw that it was loaded with camping gear. Interesting no?

So off we went to Virginia. She had successfully thrown a surprise camping trip for my birthday. I had no idea, and man, it was great. We spent the weekend at Big Meadows Campground in the Shenandoah National Park. We made some killer meals (kabobs, deluxe grilled cheese sandwiches and excellent omelets) as well as checked out Luray Caverns on Saturday afternoon. The caves were incredible; I highly recommend you explore them sometime. The entire weekend was spent relaxing; roasting marsh mellows, enjoying wildlife and nice weather. Hell of a birthday gift! Here are a bunch of photos from this weekend.
- Mike