Jul 21, 2007

Schaeffer Farms my true love.

This morning I cruised over to Germantown and hit Schaeffer Farms on my cross bike. This trip was long overdue. I have to say that Schaeffer's got to be my favorite place to ride cross country. It seems like the trails are always dusty dry, super hard packed and jam-packed with flow. For 4 hours today I was Mr.Speedracer on the zippy-fast singletrack.

I haven't ridden here since 2003, but, it was just as rocking as I remembered it. I was impressed with the maps at each trail head and the way the trails were marked. I knew where I wanted to go but it was nice to have the maps to make sure I was on the right track. I ended up hitting every loop once and then went back and hit the yellow loop for good measure. I ended up with 16 miles of sweet sweet singletrack under my legs.

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