Mar 15, 2015

Back to the iPhone

After using the HTC One (M8) for the last year, I missed the simplicity and design of the Apple iPhone. The HTC was actually a good phone and the camera, specifically, was amazing but now that I use a Macbook Pro, I was eager to switch back to the iPhone.  You know... all those synergies and whatnot. Although, one thing I never liked was iTunes. Syncing up my music library and contacts has been a real pain in the ass. But I think I've got it now.

My previous experience with iPhones has been positive. When I was living in NY, I used a couple different versions of iPhones and really enjoyed the straight-from-the-pocket creativity it provided. Looking through my blog there are actually 34 posts tagged "iPhone". Not only did I enjoy snapping photos and using fun applications like the Tilt Shift Generator, Shake It & Pano, but I also enjoyed taking short video clips and splicing them into videos.

Aside from the photo/video fun that iPhones provide, they just work really well. The user interface is intuitive and friendly. I'm glad I made the switch back to Apple.

Mar 8, 2015

The Alpha and the Omega?

When I was in Munich, in December, I popped into a camera store to take a closer look at a camera that really caught my eye: The Sony Alpha 7.  This is a full frame mirrorless camera. It's basically everything I've been hoping one of the major companies would create.  And I find it funny that Sony came out with it. Not Nikon.  Not Canon. It's a full frame camera packed in a small body. It's got a great shape to it; classic. After reading/watching many reviews, I think that I will make this my  next piece of equipment. Sony has a small but fantastic suit of E-mount lenses featuring Zeiss glass. Most are very fast primes. The reviews I've read and seen show stunning results.  Stay tuned!


Wow.  I didn't blog once in the month of February.  Work has consumed my life over the past few months.  Although working 60 hours a week to stay on top of things has paid off; I just got promoted to Director of Quality Assurance last week. I'm proud of myself, and I really do like my job, but I'm afraid that work has left me little time for the things I enjoy most; biking and photography.  I'm hoping that I can find a way to balance my work and personal life this spring, because I really do miss expressing myself creatively and I sure would like to get out on the trails again.  
My office.  Home away from home lately.