Nov 30, 2014

Jet lagged

Well, I'm here. In Munich. The flight from Philadelphia to Munich was not a fun time. Not at all. It was an eight hour flight in coach, which I spent trying to sleep. But, I could not get comfortable.  I wriggled in frustration just about the entire way. I was, however, very surprised that US Airways did offer free music and movies on the seatback displays. They even offered a complimentary beer (Thank you) and headphones if you did not have your own set ... Or you get yours broken off and stuck in the arm rest headphone jack. So, while I could not sleep, I did watch a few movies: Dawn of The Planet of The Apes (thumbs up) 21 Jump Street (Stupid but funny) & Pacific Rim (Could not finish it, but the CG was nice).  

So I got off the plane at 8:00 am (2:00 am EST), dragged my weary ass through Customs, found my checked bag, and made ​​my way to the S-Bahn (Suburban train). After staring at the metro map for a while, I figured out what trains I needed to take, to get to my hotel in Moonsacher. Being a fan of public transportation, through living in NYC for long, so I had little trouble figuring out where I needed to go, and what kind of ticket I needed to buy.   I took The S-Bahn, nine stops to the U-Bahn (underground train) where I transferred to the U3 train, and then got off three stops later, at the Oberwiesenfeld station. 

While I rode the train, I sat there absorbing all the sights. I looked over the interior of the railcar I was riding in, observing features so common to me in my line of work: the windows, door system, trim, flooring, heater vents etc;. each feature, so different than the styles I am used to seeing in the US. I was too tired to pull my camera out, and instead, sat enjoying the sights through the windows, and paying attention to the station stops.  When I emerged from the subway, I was shocked and happy to see a huge Knorr Bremse building. My hotel was just a block away.

McDonalds - "ich liebe es"
When I got to my hotel (Which is pretty posh), I immediately took a shower and a quick two hour nap. When I woke up, I did a little work, then stepped out to find some dinner. I ended up eating at McDonald's, of all places, where I had the opportunity to legitimately order a "royal with cheese." I then proceeded to dunk my fries in mayonnaise.  I was exhausted, and some greasy comfort food was exactly what I needed.

Well, I'm afraid I have no thrilling pictures for you tonight. I am just trying to squeak out this first blog post from Germany before I go to sleep for the night. Tomorrow's a big day for me.  Gute Nacht!

Nov 29, 2014

Off to Germany

I'll be in Munich for the next two weeks. Being a huge Christmas nut, I'm not excited about missing out on some crucial Christmas time with my girlfriend. HOWEVER, I love to travel and I am excited to experience Bavaria. I'll be hitting the market while Chris Kindle I'm there and wants Probably visit Vienna, Austria on my free weekend. I'm sitting in the Philadelphia Airport as I ThisBlogThis, and the excited at the thought of the photo opportunities Germany will Provide. I'll keep you posted!