Mar 31, 2006


(Above: base of legg Mason Building)
Seriously. I love Bmore. Having spring time temperatures just really brings out the love. This place smells different when it's warm... like... car tires or something. Why car tires smell good to me - I don't know. ... But they do. And I like weaving through traffic with hot exhaust whirling around my ankles and sweat dripping from my eyebrows. I love ghetto blasting, rush hour romps and the sewer grate slalom.

So, in an effort to keep on enjoying this riding I gave my main ride some true loving. Overhauled the headset, degreased and tightened the chain and gave it a new wrap with white tape. She's lookin' good.

(48 X 16 is a beautiful thing)

(White... cheesey, but... not cheesey)


Mar 28, 2006

Tuesday ride home...

Today's ride home held 60 degree weather, flowers, harassment from people in the hoods, a slight breeze, a near death experience and a few stops at local galleries. I've been taking photos every day but have been too busy to post anything lately, so today I thought I'd just throw up (*RALPH!*) a few before I crashed for the night.


Mar 24, 2006

I need another adventure trip...

A few months back my girlfriend and I were taking trips all over the place; NYC, Providence, etc... It's time to get out of Baltimore again. We'll be headed up to upstate NY Easter weekend to see my folks; I'm sure we'll find some adventure up there. One of the things I like best about my girlfriend is her willingness to explore new places... I'll have to see what she thinks of the Adirondack Mountains.



Mar 23, 2006

Is it Cross season yet???

It's only March but I'm dying for Cross season... I'm thinking of getting a new frame/bike for this season and can't stop browsing the web....


Mar 20, 2006

Sunday's photo hike...

Yesterday was really sunny, albeit still windy and cold, but I still took a little hike around my neighborhood with the Nikon. There were some interesting light situations going on and I spent a few minutes crawling around under somebody's porch trying to capture a few interesting photos.

- Mike

Saturday at the Velodrome...

My friend and I took a trip up to Trexlertown, PA to ride at the Velodrome. I have to say it was pretty cool, albeit cold and windy on the day we were there. I definitely recommend it to people who are curious to experience it... the banks are steeper than you think!


Mar 15, 2006

Feed the Sea Gulls

My girlfriend and I ate our dinner down at the harbor... a nice noodle salad with feta, onion & tomato... delicious. We rode around, ate, relaxed and then my girlfriend fed the rat birds our left overs.

Life is good.


Mar 10, 2006

Spring's here!

It's here if I say so. Today it was 66°F on my way into work. I was tempted to just keep on riding past work... damn it's nice out!


Mar 9, 2006

Spring here yet?

It was 44°F this morning. Needless to say, my ride into work was awesome. I left a half hour early this morning just to take advantage of it. I just tooled along snapping pictures and enjoying myself. Ho hum. Ok, now I want 60° weather.

Almost Friday...

Is it me or is this week just, absolutely, dragging? What a slowbie. All I seem to be thinking about lately is cross season and when I can actually start getting my base mileage in. I just need some more day light from 4pm to say... 7pm or so. Just a couple more weeks... till then, I'll continue to ride to work everyday... and whine.

A couple pictures here from last weekend when my girlfriend and I were down on the south side, finding neat stuff, taking pictures and exploring in general. Good stuff.

Mar 3, 2006

It's friday...

It's Friday and that's about all I have to say right now. ... uh; look at this photo... the detective in me says someone painted their shoes blue.