Mar 31, 2006


(Above: base of legg Mason Building)
Seriously. I love Bmore. Having spring time temperatures just really brings out the love. This place smells different when it's warm... like... car tires or something. Why car tires smell good to me - I don't know. ... But they do. And I like weaving through traffic with hot exhaust whirling around my ankles and sweat dripping from my eyebrows. I love ghetto blasting, rush hour romps and the sewer grate slalom.

So, in an effort to keep on enjoying this riding I gave my main ride some true loving. Overhauled the headset, degreased and tightened the chain and gave it a new wrap with white tape. She's lookin' good.

(48 X 16 is a beautiful thing)

(White... cheesey, but... not cheesey)



Anonymous said...

looks good - what kind of tape do you use? Does it remove cleanly?


Mike said...

Regular old electrical tape works best. Comes right off too.