Apr 17, 2013

Feeder folk

I hung two bird feeders this spring, purchased at my favorite local business, the Tractor Supply Company. These feeders suspended from the pine and lilac trees in the front yard, are really enjoyable. As someone who loves nature; critters especially (both watching and eating them) I get a lot of enjoyment out of spying on the little birds as they come and go. In observing them, there is a clearly defined a hierarchy/pecking order amongst my little avian friends.

 1. The Grackles, rule the roost. They’re not the prettiest, with those big yellow eyes and iridescent feathers around their neck and head, liken to the common garbage fly. I attribute their dominant aggressive behavior to an unhappy self-hatred. They completely take over the bird feeders, flapping wildly while they latch to the feeder with one foot and kick seed to the ground with the other. Hey, Grackles: that feeder is for little birds; no fatties allowed. Plus you’re breaking the bank. They routinely clean out my feeders in a single day.

2. Cardinals come in second. They’re awesome. They’ve got a great song, and the males, with their bright red plumage make it pretty much impossible to look away. They’re just a really cool looking bird. I have respect for Cardinals; they tough out the winter. No sissy migrating for these guys. A little reading told me that they only exist in seven states.

 3. Nuthatches and Chickadees make up the bottom tier. These little guys don’t have much weight to throw around, so they usually flit in and out when they can. When they’re the only ones at the feeder, they’ll perch  happily and munch away. Of all the birds, the Chickadee is my favorite. I just think they’re a pretty little bird with a neat song (Chickadee-dee-dee). When I’m hunting, these guys get very close to me and I just really like seeing them.

The birds are great, but I also really enjoy watching the squirrels hang upside down to eat the seed.  I took a little video of a squirrel the other day.  Pardon the whirring noise of the vibration-reduction motor in my lens.

Apr 14, 2013

Still kickin'

Wow.  Long time.  Really long time.  I made my last post on February 24th!  Well, I'm alive.  Though I haven't been in the blogging mood lately.  Life has been good though.  No complaints here.  I've been spending a lot of my time at the rifle range.  I've picked up a couple more new rifles which I'll have to blog about.  Spring is officially here (has been here for a while) and the flowers in the yard are in full bloom.  The trees have all budded and all is green, fresh and new.  All of which is putting me back in the blogging mood. That's about all I have for you today.  Stay tuned for some spring-timey goodness.