Mar 22, 2010

What a weekend

(above: iPhone picture from breakfast. Note the ultimate mountain bike in the background)

Warm & sunny weather had me out and about this weekend. I took full advantage. Here's a breakdown of the good times had:
  • Friday night: 3 hours of Indoor climbing at Brooklyn Boulders
  • Saturday: Rode the mountain bike down to Central Park and bouldered at Rat Rock for an hour. Stopped for breakfast at Le Monde on 112th & Broadway. Popped into Indian Road Cafe for lunch with the wife and mother in-law.
  • Saturday evening: Dinner at Grandfather in-law's place in NJ. Harold turned 90 and is looking great. (I have to think that his girlfriend Joan has a lot to do with this!)Got to play in the dirt, resetting the brickwork which lines their driveway.
  • Sunday morning: Harold's 90th Birthday Party. Joan organized a hell of an event for Harold to include good friends, family, great food and everyone had a wonderful time. Lots of singing. Lots of love.
  • Sunday afternoon: Took the road bike out and rode down to Central Park again. Met up with Dave and caught up on things. Ate entirely TOO MUCH pizza at Piola in Union Square.

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