Jan 29, 2007

Rediculously cold.

And yet I feel the need to dilly-dally on the ride home from work...

Sometimes I choose to bypass the hood' on Wilkens Avenue and take the Gwyns Falls Trail for a mile or so. When I do this, I always have to stop, ditch the bike (locked of course) and venture down the bank of what I think is THE most littered waterway this side o' Camden Yards. It's always great for odd findings: wheel chairs, street signs, crack viles (oh wait, I said odd findings - scratch the crack viles!), hair brushes, flip-flops etc.

Tonight's odd find was this little basketball player guy. (above) Number 11 for... ... the yellow team, he appears to be a power forward who's face is locked in a look of tenacious court dominance. He was happy to pose here and there; not a bit camera shy. And since I'm not comfortable taking photos of REAL people, we got along splendidly.

Again, #11 putting on a powerful display of riverside penetration. Evading swatting cigarette butts, broken glass and pebbles as he drives the lane.

- Mike.

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