Feb 13, 2014

Westminster gets 2' of snow

Well.  Based on yesterday’s post, some of you may be saying “Be careful what you wish for”.  I say, “My wish came true!”  I woke to a foot of snow outside.  Another foot fell this morning.  So we've got two feet of the white stuff surrounding phattire headquarters today.  Unfortunately, the weather is quite warm and our precipitation has now changed to sleet and rain.  Pity.  As such, it’s a damned good thing Debbie and I put the shovels to work early this morning before this nasty stuff fell and made it a hell of a lot harder.  Our driveway is clear and lined with nice tall banks of snow.  I love how it looks.

As usual, when we get nasty snow and ice I like to take the Tacoma out and see how bad things are.  After shoveling, and a bagel & coffee, we hopped in the Taco and explored.  The roads in our neck of the woods (the boonies) were not plowed but the truck pushed right through it in 4WD.  I’m so glad I put mud tires on this truck.  At one point we were blasting through 3’ of drift snow, common on our roads that meander through open fields.  I’m glad to know that even in this snow; the truck will still get us where we need to go, if we need to go.  

Oh, I almost forgot; work was cancelled today.  “Snow day!”  So I got some more reading in.  I really love this Kenneth Roberts book:  Arundel.    Though, most schools have already closed, I’m sure I will be back to work tomorrow.  

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