Oct 18, 2011

New wheels

Last Friday, I ordered a new All Mountain (AM) bike from Diamondback. I haven't paid much attention to Diamondback since around 1997 when I was enamored with their OCLV technology during their Rocketboy Campaign. You know, the good old days of '95 & '96 when Travis Brown (and his famous side burns) was ripping it up on the XC pro circuit. At any rate, I was looking for a good AM bike to ride at Blue Mountain Reservation and the Mission 1 seems to fit the bill. The Mission 1 has 6" of front and rear travel, both adjustable and both have lock-outs. The components are roughly, mid level and nothing fancy but the bike is 100% ready to rock as is. I won't be upgrading any of the parts until they break or prove insufficient for my riding. I'm so eager to take big hits with this bike. I've been so careful on the Cannondale when riding at Blue Mountain; now I'll have a bike that can take a real beating! It should arrive this Friday. Below is a photo of the bike and an exploded view of the 4-bar linkage system Diamondback calls their "knucklebox" technology.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Sweet! That rig should serve you well. My first "real" mtb was a DB Apex. bought it new in 1990. Had full Deore DX group which at that time was between XT and LX -was no XTR in those days. First or second year underbar thumb shifters I can't remember. the down and up triggers were side by side and both operated by thumb. I still have that bike too.

Congrats! I look forward to seeing you two in action.

phattire said...

Thanks RCT. I built it up a couple of days ago, set the sag for my rider weight and now I'm ready to roll tomorrow morning! I'll be sure to post some pics and some initial thoughts.

I remember the DX group. It reminds me of a group they used to have called "STX RC".