Oct 29, 2011

Maiden voyage of the Mission 1

This morning I met a friend at Sprain Ridge Park in Yonkers, NY to get a quick and early ride in before the forecast snow began to fly. At 7:30 this morning JP and I were dropping into some gnarly-fun singletrack. It was my first ride on my new full suspension bike. I must say, this bike is incredible. I need to add a few more PSI to the rear shock but other than that the bike rode beautifully. I was throwing it into some really sketchy rock gardens and it seamed to just eat it right up. I also hucked it off a few 3 and 4 footers with no problems. Love it! The only bummer about the ride was that I managed to twist my left knee pretty badly. I have never felt a sensation like it before - like strands of rope snapping. Ouch! I'm hobbling around (again), but I think another trip to the doctor is in order... Below is a quick video made from footage snapped with my iPhone.

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