Dec 26, 2010

NYC gets dumped on

Finally I have some snow. It's about time! NYC is getting rocked by a blizzard at the moment and I'm loving it. After weeks of arctic temperatures, nostrils sticking together when walking to the train in the morning and ice in my beard I have been rewarded with snow. In my opinion, all of those sub-freezing temperatures are just not worth enduring if I'm not going to, at least, get some flakes. C'mon I've earned em'!

And so today a foot of snow dumped down on the island. And it continues to dump. My windows are almost completely frosted over as I sit here typing. I took advantage of the snow and set out with my camera, exploring Fort Tryon Park next door. There were a lot of kids sledding in the park. Made me miss those days.

I also took the mountain bike for a ride down to the hospital to check on Harold. Lovely weather for a ride. It was tough going but I stopped and let a bunch of air out of my tires to get a fatter (phatter?) foot print and the traction was a lot better. The side walks were a little easier to ride on than the road but the snow was just as deep. Tomorrow the snow continues. I am thinking about building a snow shelter behind my building. Iffin' I do, I'll have to spend the night in it. Full report for sure (IF it happens).


Fat Chance said...

Great pictures of the storm and Fort Tyron.
Hope to see you out on the trail.

Michael O'Hara said...

Thanks FC:

Hopefully the trails get dried out so we can put some knobbies to dirt soon.