Dec 27, 2010

Snow; I dig it

I went to bed last night with my head at the foot-end of the bed. With the curtains up, I watched the blustering snow whirl around the corner the building while thunder and lightening crackled and flashed through the storm. It was really coming down and I drifted off to sleep imagining how crippled the city would be in the morning.

Turns out; it wasn't that crippled. Sure a lot of places were closed and a lot of cars won't be dug out for a couple of days but everyone was out clearing the side walks. I lent a hand clearing the front of our building; it was great.

When I finished I set off for Fort Tryon Park in hopes of getting to the untouched snow on the east side of the park before anyone else. I was successful. I ran into a few people out in the woods and we talked a bit about how great it was to have the snow. I love living in Manhattan and being able to bury myself in the woods of the parks that we have. Aside from the noise of snow plows scraping along the roads below, it was quite peaceful sitting in the snow high on the steep east side of the Cloisters. Chickadees and cardinals chirped and worked the branches right before my eyes. I sat, connected to and entranced by natures cold condition. Today was awesome. Below are a bunch of random snapshots from my walk through the neighborhood and woods this afternoon.

Below: MTA workers cleared the steps to the A train this morning. Plenty of people were riding the subway.

Below: Fort Tryon was a winter wonderland this morning. I opted to stick to the eastern side of the park, walking through the woods that overlook upper Manhattan (Inwood) down below.

Below: I bumped into one person cross country skiing. We briefly exchanged xc skiing stories and had a few laughs before parting ways.

Below: I thought it was really neat to watch the snow blowing from the roof tops. A southerly wind current was evident as it swept through the valley below.

Below: I was thankful for my ankle gaiters that I picked up at EMS earlier this fall. They worked great keeping snow out of my shoes and keeping my laces free of ice.

Below: A couple of Cardinals worked the bushes for seeds while I sat and watched.

Below: The Hudson River looked bitterly cold today. The wind in the park where I took this picture was quite intense and stung my face. I admired the George Washington Bridge for a few minutes before pushing on to the sledding hill and headed back to phattire headquarters.

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