Sep 29, 2010

Panoramic Heights

I've been wanting to set up on my building and take a nice time lapse series of the sun setting over the George Washington Bridge, for quite some time now. I didn't have time for it this evening so I made a panoramic image instead. Three images were stitched together in Photoshop using the photomerge feature. The end result is the rather unexciting image above. I'm pleased with the stitching but I think I'll head up onto the roof again when there's a really magical sunset. Stay tuned. Oh, and if you want to take a look, "Where's Waldo" style, you can download the honking huge version (25MB) of this image by clicking the infamous Double Complete Rainbow exclamation below: (Spoiler alert: there are no naked ladies in any of the windows)

1 comment:

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Amazing image Mike. Your right a timelapse of sunset would be ideal from this vantage point. I look forward to seeing that.