Sep 29, 2010

New wheels & one less tooth

After riding the bajeezus out of the wheels that came stock on my Bianchi Pista in 2005, I finally upgraded them. I've grown tired of replacing broken spokes in the rear wheel and the new set of hoops are quite beefy. 50mm tall rims and high flange hubs make for a shorter spoke length and stout build. Although heavier, they sure spin nicely on their sealed cartridge bearings. I also put my 16 tooth cog back to work. I had taken it out and been using a 17 tooth for the last year but I'm feeling strong enough to push the 48X16 combo again. Feelin' pretty good these days. A little before & after action below.


danaceau said...

Technically isn't it one LESS tooth?

Michael O'Hara said...

Excellent point! I just changed the name of this post from "new wheels & one more tooth" to "new wheels & one less tooth"! No more late night posting for me.