Aug 31, 2010

Camping at Gilbert Lake State Park

Last weekend my wife and I met her parents and some close friends of ours at Gilbert Lake State Park in Oneonta, NY. The weather was sunny,cool and breezy; perfect conditions for camping. Temperatures dipped down to the mid 40's at night and we were pretty cold. This is where having a dog comes in handy. We let Doris burrow under the blankets and we used her as a hot water bottle.

We usually eat very well when we camp and take advantage of the fire to cook foil-wrapped vegetables, meat and desserts, but this year we took our culinary skills to a whole new level. We gave my wife's parents a camping oven as a gift. It's basically a collapsible sheet-metal box with a thermometer on the door. It sits on top of a Coleman stove and the oven temperature is set by adjusting the burner. We had some doubts when we ordered it from Campmor but decided to give it a shot. All doubts were extinguished with the first bite of home-made peach pie! ("camp-made"?) The oven turned out to be a huge success. Among the things we cooked in the oven were fresh mozzarella & tomato on multi-grain bread, peach pie, apple pie and even a quiche! I think we're going to have to make a lasagna next time... Below are some photos of the meals we made while camping as well as some other camping randomness.

Above: My wife helps to stake down the tent.

Above: Our new Eureka! Tetragon. Got it on sale at Campmor and love it!

Above: There were fossils everywhere. Lots of sedimentary rocks. I found this one while collecting fire wood.

Above: My wife's mom and sister creating what would be our first quiche made on any camping trip. It was excellent!

Above: Peach pie. Note that lattice work on top (Nice job Becky!)

Above: An apple pie that was every bit as wondrous as the peach pie...

Above: How about a little fresh mozzarella & tomato?

Above: I also ordered a couple of Pie Irons. These things are fantastic! I made a ton of different pocket pies and sandwiches with them.

Above: Here I am, marveling at the ease at which I made a grilled cheese with salsa sandwich. Those Pie Irons really are the best.
Above: Becky and my wife enjoying the campfire.

Above: Doris, our hot water bottle, emerges from the blankets in the morning.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Great Pics. I must admit eating is one of my favorite camping activities. I've always wondered about the Coleman oven. Thanks for the report.

Michael O'Hara said...

She's a beaut!