Aug 27, 2010


It's 5:45am. Ordinarily I'd be ironing a shirt and getting ready to catch a train to work at this time. Today however, I'm off. My wife and I are going camping upstate (4 hours north) at Gilbert Lake State Park. I picked up the rental car and loaded it with our gear last night so we're pretty much set to go. We'll be meeting my wife's parents and some close friends of ours for a few days away from the city. Camping at a state park is a summer time tradition that we do every year. We won't be roughing it; its the type of place where you park your car and pitch your tent right off the side of the road. There are showers and water pumps and we'll probably go into the closest town for dinner one night. It's pretty low key and we always have a blast. I intend to spend a lot of time in the hammock! Expect a full report early next week.

Sunday will be a hectic day for me. We have to get up early, break camp and be back to the city by 1:00 so that I can make a 3:00 train from NY to DC. I have my first meeting with WMATA on Monday morning. I'm stoked! DC has a great Metro system; I used it a lot when I lived there. I never thought I'd be helping to provide the Nation's capital with new subway cars. Life is good.

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