Jul 29, 2010

Time to climb

Opening my mail box (the old fashioned one... in which you receive physical mail) this evening I was pleased to see that EMS had sent me a complimentary copy of Rock & Ice Magazine. I've spent a lot of loot at EMS in the past year, so I think that's pretty nice of them.

Flipping through the mag I realized more than ever that I've got to get over to Brooklyn Boulders with my buddy Kreuter pronto. It's been several weeks since we've climbed together. Life has been quite busy though. Hell, he even got engaged this past week! (Congrats again bud!)


Chris Kreuter said...

Heck yes, let's climb ASAP!!!

SUBHADIP said...

Amazing Blog and what a detailed research! Thanks for sharing it..if you can visit my blog and let me know your views!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I spent 4 years in Eastern Washington State back in the early 90's. Used to watch the guys climb and probably would have got into it had I stayed out there.

The only climbing I do now is towers. Just bought a new harness and a fall arrest lanyard with double hooks so always connected to the tower. I'm actually scared of heights but when your up and secured there sure is nothing like it.

Michael O'Hara said...

Next time you go; bring a camera! That would be an excellent blog entry.