Jul 31, 2010

A lapse of time

Tomorrow is Saturday. This means I'll be taking the train out of the city, up to Peekskill, NY to ride at Blue Mountain Reservation. I'll be riding with a mellow crowd of guys and taking it easy. The weather is supposed to be perfect and I know the trails will be absolutely sublime. I'm anxious to see how my new Tioga tires grip the earth. They have really stiff, tall nubs and I'm not sure how they'll hold, although online reviews say they're great. I swapped out my flat pedals for another set of Crank Brothers Candy pedals that I had laying around. These ones came on my Cannondale and I never used them because I had a pair of Eggbeaters in store for that bike. For fun, I set up my camera on the tripod exposing one frame every two seconds. I then dumped the images into Quicktime Pro at a rate of ten frames per second to end up with the time lapse video below. It's late; I've got to get some shut eye.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Cool! Hope U had a good ride.
Good call on taking the camera climbing. Thanks.

Master G said...

I like reading about your adventures!

Keep up the good work!


NYC taxi photo said...

which camera did you use? to take a photo every two seconds, is that a special time lapse setting that automatically does it? and how much is quick time pro? is that a fairly simple straightforward procedure to dump the pics in to a video at 10fps? very interested in this, would like to do this for my blog at some point, though it may be impossible as there is too much mileage per hour, and too many hours.

Michael O'Hara said...

I used my Nikon D700. I pre-focussed and shot in Aperture priority at around f/9 or f/10. The D700 has a built in intervalometer, which is awesome, so I set it to release the shutter once every 2 seconds.

Quicktime Pro costs $30 and you can pay and download it right away. Link is here: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/extending/

It's incredibly easy to make the time lapse video out of your still images in QT Pro. Google "making time lapse in QT Pro and you'll find step by step instructions. You can pick the frame rate for your time lapse and everything.

You could make an awesome time lapse in your cab. Plenty of people have done it in cars and on boats... check out youtube for time lapse craziness.

Take care,

Ron @ DubaiFunHolidays said...

seems like a nice bike, hope you will have many safe and long journey and also some enjoyable ones with it!!

NYC taxi photo said...

Cool! I do remember a great time lapse video of an old mustang going from L.A. to New York. My xti doesn't have an intervalometer though, darn! I guess that's a feature to look for in a camera.

Michael O'Hara said...


The intervalometer is an awesome feature. I know that Canon makes an intervalometer that attaches via the remote shutter release. You can probably find one for your XTI.