Jul 29, 2010

Evening commute

The ride home from work tonight was pretty uneventful. I had planned on exploring a bit, but decided it would be best if I just got home so I could grab groceries and let the mut out for some relief. I did, however, chase down and blow away a couple of guys on motorized bikes. (It's the little victories that sometimes make life so great right?) They were loud and smelly, but it looked like they were having fun on them. I stopped soon afterwords to take a snapshot of the elevated tracks I enjoy riding under so much.

Before stopping home I swung in the grocery store and picked up a bunch of random items: bung wad, gherkins, jalapenos, BBQ riblets, fake chicken patties and some Stoufer's french bread pizzas. Staring at those pizzas through the foggy freezer door made me realize how much I miss meat. I used to love those "deluxe" pizzas with the little sausage & pepperoni chunks... Now the thought of it nearly turns my stomach. (Public Service Announcement: Don't read Eating Animals, if you want to continue eating that kind of garbage).

When I was unlocking my bike outside of the store I saw an old hunch-backed woman hobbling by with all the speed of a slug on a salt-lick. I never want to get old.

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elZaphod said...

Thanks man, I going to start listing it as 'bung wad' for the wife to pick up every Monday. Let's hope she puts the pieces together before asking a store clerk for assistance.