May 3, 2010

Rat Rock & MOMA

Sunday was a busy day. My wife and I took the A train down to Columbus Circle and walked over to Rat Rock in Central Park. I spent about 25 minutes wrestling with a problem and made a little headway on a tricky traverse. I would rate the traverse as a tough V2. I just couldn't get past the slippery repaired knob shown below. I never really noticed before, but a lot of Rat Rock has been repaired over the years. I'm guessing that whoever reattached the features used JB Weld or some other strong epoxy...
After bouldering we walked over to MOMA to check out all the good stuff going on. It was amazing. William Kentridge makes my head explode. He is now my #1, all time, favorite artist. His animations, completely hand drawn using charcoal and erasing each frame to draw the next really had me entranced. They were sad, deeply thought provoking and pleasantly depressing. I'll be going back to soak up a little more Kentridge.
Also at MOMA was the largest Henri Cartier-Bresson show I have ever seen. This man, not only captured, what I'd say was the perfect moment in every photo, but he also did so just about everywhere he went. He must have photographed everyone... celebrities, street folk, workers, government officials, everyone. Each image; perfectly composed and easy to stare at for a long time. He's such an inspiration.

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