May 3, 2010

William Kentridge

I didn't do justice to the work of William Kentridge in my previous blog entry. I feel the need to post this animation, Sobriety, Obesity & Growing Old [1991]. Just drawing in charcoal and erasing... frame after frame after frame... it's amazing. Like I said earlier, I find it pleasantly depressing. Dvorak's string quartets are an all time favorite of mine as well, so I suppose that helps me connect to the piece. I highly recommend you get over to MOMA to experience three decades of his work and watch all of his animations which are beautifully projected onto large walls. This is not something you want to miss. If you can't make it to MOMA for some reason (being deceased for example) then at least check out MOMA's highly interactive flash website which takes you on a virtual walk through his five themes currently on being exhibited. Enjoy.

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