May 1, 2010

Mountainbiking at Sprain Ridge Park (again)

I had an awesome ride this morning. I took the train up to Yonkers and rode to Sprain Ridge Park to feast on some more of that superb single track. Again, the trails were in perfect condition. When I got there, nobody was in the parking lot, so my plan to just latch on to a group of riders went out the window. Instead I just hopped in the woods and started riding. I was flowing along for about 20 minutes when I bumped into Jose. Jose is part of the Westchester Mountain Biking Association ( He offered to show me the good stuff. I knew exactly what he meant, he was referring to what I've always known to be the "secret power line trail" . He told me that it's actually called "Sandros" and is named after the Portuguese man who made the trail. This was one technical trail. Plenty of steep rocky descents which threaten to pitch you over bars into a less than pleasant landing zone... or in some cases over a cliff. Below is a picture of Jose clearing a drop on Sandros. Turns out, Jose is a neighbor of mine who lives in Washington Heights just up the street. Small world no?

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