Apr 25, 2010

Sprain Ridge Park

I spent a few hours in the woods yesterday at Sprain Ridge Park (trail map here) just north of Yonkers, NY. The trails were in pristine condition. Me and the three guys I was with blasted through the woods sailing over logs, rocks & small animals. It was heaven! (And much needed after all the recent moving and craziness at work) My buddy Dave, tracked our 7+ mile ride with his phone which is always cool to see (take a look here). It was so great to be out on my new cannondale. I have only taken it out 4 or 5 times and each time it was in the snow. Felt fantastic to fly through the woods and put the suspension to work on hard packed dirt. So plush... so plush.

Highlights of the ride:
  • Steve's over-the-bars endo about 5 minutes into the ride. His tuck n' roll maneuver, seemingly well practiced, saved him from a broken neck, and provided for some great heckling from the rest of us. Dave got a great shot of him flying through the air, that I'll have to link you to when its online. (Edit: See Steve's Endo!)
  • Mark conquered a steep rock roll down which shook him up pretty good on his first approach. Nice going Mark!
  • I found a fantastic old, brown, glass jug/bottle. The date code on the bottom of it tells me that it was made by Owens Illinois Glass Company in Bridgetown, NJ in 1948. It cleaned up nicely and is now part of the many "old things" I keep in the bike room.
  • Dave, after crashing, and leaving some skin from his hand on the trail, cleaned a particularly nasty section of trail. Check out the Youtube video.
It was a pretty much a perfect ride. Lots of laughs, lots of fun and a good work out. I returned home tired, but not exhausted and I'm looking forward to riding more dirt next weekend. Maybe up at Blue Mountain in Peekskill; we'll see...


Seinberg said...

Great travel log! Awesome ride. I'm still using it as an excuse to eat excessive calories.

Michael O'Hara said...

lol, yeah I had a great time. Next weekend I'm tempted to go straight back to Sprain Ridge. But maybe we ought to head back to blue Mountain?

Anonymous said...

nice pic =)