Apr 21, 2010

Iphone panorama app

Above: 190th Street Station on the A line panorama

Yesterday I downloaded the Pano App for the Iphone. It's not perfect but does a decent job and is fun and easy to use. If you take your time you can create some fun panoramic images like the one above. The quality of the stitch relies heavily on your ability to accurately frame each shot in relation to the previous one taken. The app provides a transparent copy of the previous image on the display to help you align edges while taking your photos. Stay tuned for more Iphone pano's in the future. Good stuff.


NYC taxi photo said...

ooooohh, very nice. Of all the bloggers you are making the strongest case for me to get an iphone

Michael O'Hara said...

lol, awesome. Get one. Although, actually, you should wait because there's a new iphone coming out this summer.