Apr 20, 2010

New commute

Phattire headquarters, having moved this past weekend, alters my morning commute slightly. A 20 block relocation puts me on the 1 Train in the mornings instead of taking the bus to 225th where I catch the MNR Train to Yonkers.

I took the picture of the 225th Street Station on the 1 Line, at left, yesterday with my iPhone and then shook it up in my Shake It app. (I'm still not tired of this app - It makes me want to take my real Polaroid out; but I'm side tracking)

I must say, I love taking the 1 Train. Mostly because I like the R62A's a bit more than the R44's that run on the A line. The 1 Train just seems to have a lot of character. In my opinion, more character than the A Train which parallels the 1 Train along most of the west side of Manhattan. Why more character? I suppose a bullet list is in order here:
  • It runs above ground from 242nd to 200th street & at 125th street.
  • R62A's have a much cooler seating arrangement inside: just two rows of bench seats facing each other.
  • It's a local train and sometimes, I swear it's even faster than the A when you need to get down town.
Agree? Disagree? Talk amongst yourselves.

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