Nov 27, 2009

Mobile Post

I've taken the China town Bus from Baltimore to NY a million times. When I used to live in Baltimore I used to love to throw my fixed gear under the bus and zonk out on a $20 ride to the big apple. Today, on my way to DC, I decided to take Bolt Bus. The rumored electrical sockets and wifi were attractive luxuries. Wow... friggin' awesome. So, as I roll down 95, I am giving props to Bolt Bus. I'll be taking this bus from now on.


NYC taxi photo said...

What is the deal with the buses here, bolt and mega, that say travel for a dollar? what trip could possibly cost that little?

Even as it stands, 15 dollar trips to Boston, cost less that the gas consumption of a regular car trip.

oh and I love the internets too, I once found the internet in the cab by penn station near one of the bus stops.

Michael O'Hara said...

I don't understand the whole "1 dollar" advertising either. It cost me 20 bucks to ride. I suppose I could argue that they owe me 19 more rides but I bet I'd loose.

I used to take MVP Buses, and they super-sucked! Always got a broken seat and they were always jam packed on the way back from Baltimore.