Nov 29, 2009

Thanksgiving was excellent.

photo by Dave
I haven't had a chance to blog about Thanksgiving until this moment so here we go: Thursday afternoon Dave and Marianna came over to consume mass quantities of delicious food. My wife's, keeping with tradition and culinary excellence, cooked yet another delicious bird. Good gawd it was good... oh so juicy! I played a small part in the preparations; I helped to brine the turkey and like to think that my accurate and consistent slicing of the celery & carrots was crucial to the perfection that was the home-made stuffing.

We had a great time stuffing ourselves, dancing,taking photos, enjoying a few ales and then strolling around my neighborhood so the little dog could do her thing. Yes, even Doris had a thanksgiving meal of turkey, potatoes and squash. Dave took some really spectacular photos from the evening and you should check them out on his flickr page.

And so now, I sit on the couch, polishing off the last of the gerkins, tapping away at the keys of a laptop wedged firmly in place against my dunlop, thinking about tomorrow's ride at Sprain Ridge. I can't wait. I have a little bit of maintenance to take care of the morning (want to see if I can take a couple links out of my chain) and then it's off to the trails with Dave & Alex. It's been a fantastic vacation.


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Been too long since I saw the site, looks great. Hope you are both doing well!

Seinberg said...

Thanks for the great food -- I suggest you cook us dinner more often!