Nov 22, 2009

Highbridge Park

Well, this morning I met Dave over at Highbridge Park for a very light ride. We took our DSLR's with us and didn't do a whole lot of riding at all. Didn't do much photographing either actually. Evidently, Sprain Ridge had kicked both of our asses quite thoroughly yesterday. It was nice to be out in the woods though. One thing I will say: Highbridge is seriously neglected. It's in dire need of trail maintenance. I might just buy a rake and head over there next weekend. Someones gotta do it. The last time I was riding there, I came around a bend in the trail and almost ran over a make-shift tent, smack dab in the middle of the trail. I don't mind the litter on these trails. I expect it. I mean, hell it's right in the middle of the city; that shits going to be there. I just don't dig the condition of the trails. Serious love is going to be given soon; by me.

I must say that I love being able to hit at least some sort of singletrack just 7 blocks from my door. I love NY.

Photo by: Dave


JB said...

Hey Mike- Highbridge is not "neglected"- there is more trailwork done on those 3 miles of singletrack than on any section of singletrack in the world. The entire trail system has been raked out at least 4 times this year- no one else does that anywhere!

Trouble is, not enough people RIDE Highbridge, so the trails don't naturally wear in and clear out like they do in other places.

Anyway, there's a trailwork day this coming Saturday, the 28th, at 9 am at the jump park. Come on out and help if you can.

Michael O'Hara said...

Wow; had no idea. I would live to help out next time or even independently sometime. I'll be in DC this Saturday though. The trails were beautiful for the Hustle & Flow race this summer. I'd love to help keep them in shape.