Aug 30, 2009

Red Hook Grain Terminal (again)

New York City was a soggy place yesterday though I kept dry, inside of the Red Hook Grain Terminal in Brooklyn. I've visited this site twice before although, this time I focused on the duct work and what little ventilation-blower components remain. Using my 19mm lens I was able to frame the twists and turns in the ducts as they snake their way throughout the structure.


Chris Kreuter said...

Great photos Mike. Give me a call next time you go someplace, this kind of stuff is inspiring (not to mention fun).

NYC taxi photo said...

great pictures as always, definately going to check your site everytime a new post comes through, it seems it'll always be worth the time to see what you've put up. Was it all just natural light at the red hook terminal? and that prominent one, wow, reminds me of high def, or whatever they call them, the ones with multiple exposures, it's spectacular, un real, was there much digital manipulation?

and one more question, do you have any recommendation on where to get something to hang my single speed bike on the wall, never know where to get one, or which one will work in a 50's era building of brick very solidly built similar to project houses?

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