Jul 29, 2009


I took this photo, this past Sunday evening while my buddy and I played pool in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was taken just before a terrific thunderstorm broke, while the first heavy drops of rain made impact and the sun still beat the building's face with retreating rays through patchy dark clouds. The weather immediately following was quite intense. Howling winds blew debris down the street while claps of thunder boomed making your chest rumble.

The wide range of light, threatening background and prominent stance of the building in this scene, struck a chord with me as something worth capturing.


d.lowe said...

This has been a great summer of clouds and stroms. Hope your doing well. cheers!

lalaland said...

that's an amazing shot - wow, and know the spot so all the more amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great shot. I love the unexpected beauty in common things and you capture it very well.