Apr 21, 2009

New wheels

I'm giddy. That's right; Giddy damn it! My new wheels came in the mail today. It's a GT Peace. Most people don't know that my cycling roots are in dirt (pun intended). Though the last 7 years or so I haven't ridden any huckle and have had a diet of strict asphalt and a couple seasons of cyclocross racing. The bike is spec'd out pretty well, although I see a suspension fork in my future. I was stoked to build it up and take it out for a quick first ride in the rapidly fading evening light of upper Manhattan. It's not the lightest bike, but it isn't super heavy either.

I got it out on the street and pulled a wheelie that I was able to ride for a very surprisingly long time, turning the bars and rolling my feet around the sides of the pedals to keep my balance. (shocked to have even that little bit of skill left in me) I pumped north under then 1 Train and cut west into Inwood Park. I spun up into the woods and hung out under the Henry Hudson Bridge catching my breath and grinning at thoughts of a super sweet summer at Highbridge Park. Descending down a small section of singletrack in almost total darkness I shocked myself when I cleared a twisting stair section built into the side of a hill. Getting back behind the saddle and rolling down the steps was a big rush. Then out onto the smooth pavement of the Park I rolled and up the hill I pumped to Broadway.


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