Apr 22, 2009

Highbridge Park

I rushed home from work today, slapped my spuds on the new GT and spun 7 blocks down to Highbridge Park. I got about 25 minutes of riding in before the rain really came down. The trails were wet but not so wet that I was damaging them so I explored as much as I could. it was fantastic to be rolling through twisty singletrack with a cityscape popping out above the treetops and the sound of the 1 Train and traffic in the background. I think I discovered another hidden gem in this great city.

My skills have definitely degraded during the several years spent away from knobby tired bikes. i had a hell of time hopping up some steep sections and was barely clearing obstacles I jumped. I'm not worried, it'll come.

I can't wait for the Hustle & Flow Race on Saturday. I'll be using the GT and the Nikon.

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