Apr 23, 2009

Highbridge... again

What an awesome ride I had at Highbridge Park today. I met a guy who led me down some new trails which were super great. The riding reminded me a lot of the huckle I used to ride at the Watershed in Frederick, MD.

I floundered my way through the first few technical downhill sections but by the end of the ride I was feeling very much in the zone and was able to flow pretty well.

I'm super happy that my wrist is holding up so well. That's my biggest fear in re-entering the mountain biking scene. I don't have the mobility that I used to have and it's been getting quite a work out when I pull on the bars for leverage on those steep climbs. I think I'll tape it up for the next ride.

Life is good, life is good!

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Stephen Baird said...

your photos are very cool. some real original thinking here.