Oct 2, 2006

Ed Sandor Cross Race - Buckeystown, MD.

I definitely made up for last weekend's poochie performance with a 6th place finish this weekend. This weekend's race was the Ed Sandor Cyclocross Race. (#2 on the MABRA Calendar)

I raced smart, stayed calm and saved some energy for the final lap. - All things I've sworn to work on this season.

I was in the second row on the start line but wasn't worried. My strategy was to hang in the front but not ON the front. Within the first lap I made my way up from 20th seat to 4th. I followed Fatmarc for most of the race trying to help pull, and work with him but to no avail; he was just stronger than me on this day. At one point I pulled ahead of him to help share the load but quickly fell back, unable to keep the tempo.

Above: photo by Michael Kirk

Above: Photo by Michael Kirk.
In the 4th lap people started to really gain on me. I fought tooth and nail to keep the pace up but let a couple people slip past.

Above: photo by Gina Harshman

Overall: I felt great, I'm definitely where I want to be as far as my conditioning/fitness and I've got a great attitude toward this season. Next weekend's race: Hagerstown Cross!


ps: I really need to get some new shoes. My Sidi's are 10 years old... 10! I can't keep duct taping them forever.

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