Oct 6, 2006

Friday: Call of Duty.

That's me (above) in the heart of Nazi Germany. I'm fighting with the British ground forces and having a good time. I'm also at work right now. Between zipping through the warehouse on the fork lift, inspecting parts and writing reports, I'm sniping those dirty Nazi's. It's a lot of fun especially on a rainy day at work.

It's funny because on The Office last night, they were playing Call of Duty also. I've been playing COD at work for the past year now. 20 minutes here, a lunch break there... maybe an hour or so in the morning while my boss is stuck in traffic. Pretty shameful I guess... but honestly, this game keeps me sane here at work.

In other news: I'm stoked to be racing tomorrow in Hagerstown. I'm looking forward to some mucky mud bogging goodness. I hope it pours rain tonight! My legs are feeling great and I'm ready for my podium spot!

- Mike

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