Nov 1, 2005

Wing Night.

10 wings, hot; less than $6.00 at Nino's on the corner of Charles & Preston St. - Very tasty.

Below are a few random photos from tonight's little walk around the block. I'll even throw in a little descriptive comment with each one... swell of me.

So yes, Nino's was open for my business tonight (and every night):
Oooooh... a spooky alley way... and shortcut to buffalo wings. Actually, a black cat did walk by while I was hiding in the shadows. Take a close look at the ground next to the wall in the picture below:
It seems, you can't go one night in Baltimore without seeing a fire engine go whizzing by:
I've been meaning to take a couple shots of these yeller leaves lit up by this street light for about a week now:
Time to get some shut eye.

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